Who Made Who {the making of} by dante2

The images below show the development and creation of the work for my second solo show at front room gallery," Who made Who". Press Release

The Front Room gallery is pleased to present “Who Made Who” a solo exhibition of sculptural work and drawings by Erik Guzman.  This September Guzman will unveil an impressive body of new work that is a realization of artifacts and ideas from a self-composed mythology.  Kinetic, light emanating sculptural work paired with delicately detailed etched glass drawings, illustrate Guzman’s mythos of the machine. Featured in this exhibition will be three sculptural works which incorporate dazzling light, polished aluminum and plexiglass; activated by the presence of a viewer, rhythmic light patterns consume the architecture of the gallery as spinning wheels cast long swirling shadows across the floor and onto the walls, that gradually form, take over the space and then subside.

The accompanying etched glass plates exemplify Guzman’s aesthetic, which combines graphic icons, church architecture and components from Japanese patterns and temples. Guzman’s ethereal etched glass panels exist in the minute space fractions of an inch from the wall. The etching is transparent, the glass all but invisible, but the fine lines cast unearthly graphic imagery onto the wall, the drawing is made from the diffusion of light, sharp lines defined from shadow.

Erik Guzman has been active as an artist in Williamsburg, for 9 years. Among many professional accomplishments are his LMCC GAPS grant award, Cue Foundation residency, LMCC space grant, a Joan Mitchell nomination. He has exhibited nationally at Smack Mellon, El Museo Del Barrio (S Files), Front Room Gallery, Soap Factory, Hillwood Museum, Dumbo Art Festival, The Kitchen, Exit Art, St. Marks Church Gallery.  International exposure includes shows at Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, El museo de arte de Caguas, El Museo de Las Americas, Gallery Tezz, Tokyo,  Japan.  Erik Guzman is also a founder of Goliath visual space, a nonprofit artist run organization, which has served as both protagonist and presenter of emerging artist since 1998.


The thing for the thing.  Very important piece.



The second prototype


The art production begins. aka, "time to make the donuts"




Shell creation


Profile jig


First out of five profiles needed to complete the shell.


The profile knifes


The not so finished piece.

Then sand, sand, sand, sand..... you get the idea.  Then sand some more.


Pure chaos.  I can not explain the part of the project.



Daniel helps me test the shell.  Did not fall on the floor. Good sign.



Install begins.



Nicolas helps with install.  Many thanks.


Shelves by Nils.  Craftsmen extraordinaire.


Sirena de Huracanes, Hurricane Siren by dante2

Sirena de huracanes: propuesta de maqueta del proyecto a escala 1/3.Localización: Museo de arte de Caquas, Caquas PR. Colección permanente.

Descripción: escultura cinética con rueda giratoria luminosa de material reflectante. La rueda se haya parcialmente insertada sobre una cubierta semiesférica reflectante colocada dentro del muro de exhibición. La intensidad de la luz y velocidad de rotación de la rueda incrementa con la proximidad de la tormenta.

La maqueta/ prototipo Hurricane Siren/ Sirena de Huracanes es una propuesta de proyecto para el Museo de Arte de Caguas, mi ciudad de nacimiento. a pesar de mi marcha de Puerto Rico a una temprana edad siento ahora un gran interés por mi país de origen.

La investigación realizada para este proyecto sobre los orígenes de la ciudad de Caguas me encamino hacia los indios Taino. La naturaleza ocupa un importante lugar en la religión local. Al ser una isla, los huracanes y temporales cobran una especial importancia. La naturaleza se haya en el centro de la cultura local. Guabancex, la diosa de las tormentas, atrajo especialmente mi interés. el proyecto Hurricane Siren/ Sirena de Huracanes hace referencia al faro que la diosa dejo en la tierra para avisar a los habitantes de la isla de la proximidad de las tormentas.

La escultura cinética estará en constante movimiento. Cuando una tormenta se aproxime la velocidad e intensidad de la luz incrementaran. Constituirá una señal de aviso, una sirena, que informara a los visitantes de lo que les depara la naturaleza.  La escultura estará conectada a Internet para recibir los datos meteorológicos que dictaran su comportamiento. El proyecto hace uso de la tecnología moderna para reconectarse con la naturaleza. Por favor, clica en la siguiente imagen para reproducir el video del proyecto.

Hurricane Siren: Sirena de Huracanes, Hurricane Siren model, 1/3 working scale. Proposed location: Museo de Arte de Caquas, Caquas PR. For the permanent collections Description: Kinetic sculptural object that has a reflective rotating wheel of light. The wheel is mounted to the wall via a curved reflective shell. As a storm approaches, the light and speed of the piece will increase.

Hurricane Beacon / Faro de Huracán prototype proposal is for the Museo de Arte de Caguas. Caguas was where I was born. Even though I left Puerto Rico at a early age I am curious about where I came from. I started to do research about the origins of the city which led me to the Taino indians. In their religion nature seemed very important and being on an island hurricanes and heavy rains were of major concerns. Nature was the center of the culture. Guabancex, goddess of storms particularly interested me. The proposed project, Faro de Huracán, represents her beacon that she left on this earth to tell the people of the island that a storm is coming. The kinetic sculpture will consistently rotate and when a storm approaches the light and movement will increase. It will be a beacon telling what nature has in store for the viewers. The project uses internet access to the collect the information needed to govern the sculpture. It uses modern technology to connect back to nature.

Click on Image below to see MOVIE.