Mini nonsense / by dante2

The work always starts to big and then slowly, over time, get more reasonable. Mini non sense in a smaller version of a earlier piece called Lost Sense. I have been making all my sculptural pieces in the computer first for the last 7 years. Starting with illustrator, then moving to vector works and now solid works. With every programs come mostly positive results. The only thing is that when you move from one program to the next you have to re-learn everything over. It seems that you never get to the finish line. Solidworks is a great program. The learning curve was steep but like everything if you spend enough time staring at it you slowly understand it a little bit better. With knowledge gives you freedom and it is really amazing what it can do. It allows you to see your mistakes before you make them in real. It still takes just as long to figure what you are making but the results are much better.

The reason that I am going into such detail about the process is that I think the piece has a certain finish and comforting scale that would not be obtained if not for the process.

The scaling down from Lost Sense was the planing stage for the Museo de Arte de Caguas and CAVA store proposal.